Why Stitching Together Technology Companies Doesn’t Work

On the most basic amount, it is difficult to stitch jointly platforms for the reason that they’re often prepared in distinctive coding languages. You cannot duplicate-paste the code for the similar explanation that you can’t duplicate-paste a paragraph of Spanish into a ebook published in English.

Even if you could, it just would not line up. Just about every of these four components are tightly dependent on every other. The smallest adjustments in one particular location will have unforeseen downstream outcomes. 

Vision vs reality

There has by now been $18 billion spent on mergers and acquisitions in the PropTech room in 2021 by itself.

Evidently there is religion that with plenty of market place share, the “devil in the details” trouble goes absent.

The actuality is usually exactly opposite.

That’s because the choices that created the tight and complex connections within a software system have been frequently manufactured many years

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