27 Stunning Marble Bathroom Ideas

Francis Dzikowski

First used by the Greeks and Romans over 2,000 years ago, marble has remained a mainstay in interior design—especially in bathrooms. Wonderfully versatile and naturally water-resistant, the metamorphic rock has proven its functionality and charm time and time again. Calacatta, a white stone with fine gray veins and gold notes, is a classic choice, while rich, black marbles like Marquina Black and Portoro make a dramatic impact in any space. With dozens of marble options on the market—each with different colors, thickness, grain and veining—the possibilities are endless.

Whether it’s utilizing a marble slab as a vanity countertop, opting for an all-marble floating sink or installing marble tiles on a floor or wall, interior designers use the material in a variety of stylish ways. Commissioning a custom marble vanity can be quite an undertaking, but the result is a tasteful and enduring addition to your bathroom. Considering the

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