Catholic University team recreates truss for Notre Dame Cathedral

The greatest target of authenticity for Tonya Ohnstad, browsing assistant professor in the University of Architecture and Setting up and the interim affiliate dean for graduate scientific tests at Catholic University, isn’t how the new truss for the Notre Dame Cathedral is constructed.

It is the way it can be constructed — with architects and builders in live performance, working alongside one another as an alternative of separately.

“For me, it can be genuinely about creating, and how just one of the other lecturers mentioned, the architect and the builder break up someplace in the Middle Ages,” Ohnstad mentioned. “And for me, it can be genuinely about using the likelihood for these two people today to satisfy again and to have the possibility to understand each individual other a little superior.”

Volunteers increase the truss by hand with ropes.

Permission granted by The Catholic University of America/Patrick G. Ryan



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