Canada’s Vacant Real Estate Is Getting The Viral Treatment On Social Media

France has its catacombs, The united states has deserted malls, and Canada has its vacant households — all 1.3 million of them, in accordance to the OECD. For a long time, city explorers have been touring abandoned structures and web pages. The action of questionable legality has been a specialized niche subculture for some time. Having said that, the rise of TikTok (and YouTube to a lesser extent), has served them find a new audience — People in america shocked by the number of vacant residences kicking about Canada.

We considered we’d help you save you some time and round up our favored viral accounts discovering vacant residences. Now fire up the Volcano, grab a bag of chips, and let us go as a result of some of our most loved video clips.

Ethan Minnie @ethanminnie, Southern Ontario

TikTok, YouTube

1st up is Ethan Minnie, a.k.a. @ethanminnie. They’ve run

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