WaveCel hard hat uses sports technology to try to prevent TBI

The basic design of tricky hats has not changed in about 50 yrs. But now, WaveCel is using engineering designed for the sports activities business that it claims will greater secure building workers from traumatic brain injuries.

The WaveCel T2 + Professional and T2 + Max tough hats use a liner made from a collapsible product that absorbs power from a head effects. Hundreds of interconnected shock absorbers crumple, flex and glide to guard the skull from all angles, in accordance to WaveCel.

Difficult hats have been originally developed to protect in opposition to skull fractures occurring from objects falling from earlier mentioned, but do not take into account the rotational drive and effect from slips and falls, which are considerably far more prevalent and can carry a greater risk, the enterprise suggests.

1st launched in Trek cycling helmets and Burton ski and snowboard helmets, WaveCel suggests the technologies has

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