A Guide to Working With Concrete in Cold Weather – Academy

Concrete specifications often require the concrete contractor to submit a cold weather concreting plan. A good plan ties the submittal to cold weather requirements in the specification and can help you to avoid having unnecessary requirements imposed on you.

Plan details are the key. Including inadequate detail can result in rejection of the plan but including too much detail can sometimes reduce your cold weather options. The plan should simply describe the means and methods you intend to use in meeting the specification requirements. Submitting the plan and having it approved by the engineer of record provides a written record of your intentions, which can settle a lot of arguments before they start. The only caveat: Don’t put anything in the plan that you aren’t prepared to do.

ACI 306.1-90, is a good starting point for preparing the plan. Section 1.5.1 of this document states:
“If required, submit detailed procedures

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