Currently, the availability of land in big cities is increasingly difficult. Some of the existing lands are generally small and very impossible to be a magnificent residence. However, modern minimalist home design and simple can be an option for those of you who crave modern dwelling with limited land.

You just need to prepare the creative design, then start planning how much bedroom space you want. Make sure the space you create is appropriate and not in vain. Because the land you have is not widespread. Some people may be wondering about their luxurious and large minimalist home.

Regardless of how large your land is, the right design and tidy arrangement can give the impression of luxury and modern in your minimalist home. Of course with due regard to the rules in the arrangement.

You can consult with experts (architects) to design your home and make designs or sketches that you agree with your chosen experts. That way the minimalist home you want can be realized.

You can also make a custom order if you don’t see a design that’s right for your home. We have a wide selection of designs to choose from, which you can look through below. See for more information.

Then how to design a modern minimalist home? Well, below are the tips of the modern minimalist home design that you can make reference.

  1. Spatial Planning

For newly married couples, a 2-bedroom and a 1-floor house is a great choice, as it is efficient and easy to maintain. The minimalist house design is somewhat more economical so that the property entrepreneurs appear or create the types of minimalist homes.In addition, this type of house has many variants ranging from shape to layout that can be tailored to your needs, both for those of you who are single and newly married.

  1. Vertical or horizontal building

If your land is narrow and does not allow for horizontal residential development, you can rethink to design your minimalist home construction vertically. For that reason, the initial planning is mature, can minimize it.

  1. Interior and Exterior Design

For interior design, you can use wallpaper with a monochrome pattern or use wall paint with neutral colors. If your wall using wallpaper then adjust your furniture to look similar and not too crowded.

Conversely, if you choose neutral color wall paint without wallpaper, then balance with the unique elements of the room’s furniture. For bedroom space, you can apply your favorite color.

As for the exterior design, you can choose neutral colors, natural stone slabs on the walls, apply textured walls or apply an exposed brick design that gives the impression of natural and minimalist. It all depends on you as the owner.

  1. Use Canopy / Tent Membrane

For those of you who own a private vehicle, of course, you need a garage as a home for your vehicle. For that, use the canopy instead of the roof. The use of canopy will give a broad impression even though your land is limited.

  1. Terrace of a minimalist house and green area

The terrace is an important part. A terrace is the face of our house that is the first attention of guests who visit your home. So, try your patio neatly arranged and gives the impression of comfort. Provide a synthetic rattan seat and a small table.

The selection of the right furniture will beautify the look of your home terrace. Also, avoid over-arrangement on your minimalist home terrace. Enough with the above components already provide a sense of comfort for both you and guests who visit your home.