The pros and cons of living in a trailer park.


If you are thinking about living in a trailer park, there are some pros and cons, you need to think about. Here are some of the cons. One is that you are living in close proximity to others, although not in every case. Another is, you have to follow all the rules and regulations, of said park. There are usually only small pets allowed if any. You will also have a very small yard, and usually, only parking for one. The pros are the same instances, however, the positive aspects of each. A small yard is easy to maintain. If you are older, having close neighbors is beneficial, if you ever need assistance. Rules and regulations are good. It keeps things easy and in order.

Should you live in a trailer park?


Living in a trailer park can be a great experience. Some parks have many added amenities. These can include swimming pools, picnic areas, playgrounds, basketball, and tennis courts, and much more. Living in a park gets you closer to your neighbors so that you can make friends. This is good for the young, and especially good for the elderly. It is always good to know, that there is someone nearby who will check up on you if needed. Some parks even have clubhouses. These are great for gatherings, parties, meetings, and more.

Economic bonuses of living in a park.


It can be much more economical to live in a trailer park. The Homes are simple and compact. This makes them more affordable than a traditional home. Maintenance is also very low. You everyday utility bills are generally half that of a traditional home, as well. Sometimes lawn maintenance is included with a lot of rent. However, even if it is not, you don’t have that much lawn care to do. Some people eliminate all grass and just do a stone landscape. Most times, people buy a trailer outright, and only have to pay lot rent. This cuts homeownership costs in half, or more, as well.


How Much Does it Cost to Live in a Trailer Park?


Park rates depend on the park you choose. If it has many amenities or ideal location, the rates are generally higher. If they have little to no amenities, the costs are a considerable amount lower. It all depends on the park chosen.

What about trailer parks in Lansing Michigan?


You are in luck, in the Lansing Michigan area. There are about 20 different parks to choose from. Usually, you only have a couple of available parks. The prices can range anywhere from a $1999.00 handyman special on up to a brand new double wide for about $64,000.00. This is just the prices for a trailer. All parks are different from their fee structures. If you are buying a new unit, in their park, some include the lot rent with the purchase price. If you are buying a used trailer outright, you will have to pay the lot rent separate, Lot fees also range from where you choose to live. Playground access or river views are generally higher than lots located away from amenities.


How do you get started in finding the perfect home?


The first thing you need to do is write a list. What do I really need? What do I want? And finally, what can you live without? This makes the search a little easier. Go online and do a search for trailer parks in lansing michigan. Find a few that have what you want, and find your perfect new home. Good Luck!