7 Metal Roofing Pros and Cons to Consider - Bob Vila

From its enhanced energy efficiency and resistance to fire to its unmatched longevity, metal roofing is an excellent solution to roofing issues. This choice assures you of value for money. Yet, understanding the various trends within the field will ensure that you make incredible decisions in the long run. Here is a breakdown of the most common metal roofing trends to consider.

Brighter Hues

Your roof determines how aesthetically pleasing your curb will be. Investing in brighter hues has proven a worthwhile consideration. Today, most manufacturers prefer blue, green, and red colors. These colors offer your house a pretty delicate and smooth appearance, giving it a contemporary appeal. Such brightness has become a staple for most homeowners.


Various organizations are focused on ensuring sustainability succeeds. People prefer eco-friendly roofing materials, including recycled options. The idea is to minimize the carbon footprint, creating a more sustainable and friendly environment. Fortunately, metal roofs are easy to recycle and reuse. You do not need to dispose of them or throw them away after a few years. Maintenance is also smooth.

Smooth Roof Lines

According to experts in roofing repair Gettysburg, over the years, architects used gables, dormers, and hips when roofing. However, recently, smooth and fewer roofing lines have stood out as a favorite. This option allows the metal panel to take center stage, highlighting unmatched sophistication.

At the same time, architects are exploring different metal roofing designs. For instance, subtle color palettes are becoming significantly popular. The surging popularity of darker exteriors is associated with beauty and class. Above all, metal shingles can be designed to mimic traditional shingles, giving you a blended vibe from both options. Ideally, you will be free to choose from the multiple standards and trends to suit your preferences.

Observing the trends above will be a perfect idea as you look forward to a more satisfying metal roof. However, you must engage a professional to get the best results.