What is Year About Calendar year (YOY)?

YoY stands for Calendar year in excess of Year and is a form of economic investigation used to compare benefits from a interval of time in one particular 12 months to the exact same period of time in the prior 12 months.

YoY examination is broadly employed in finance and financial assessment and is valuable for immediately being familiar with development traits from year to calendar year.

YoY Formula

The YoY components is described as the latest year’s price divided by the earlier year’s price minus 1:

For case in point, suppose net running revenue for a house was 120,000 last year. And the yr preceding 12 months web working cash flow was 105,000. In this case the YoY growth was 120,000 / 105,000 -1, or 14.3%

An alternate YoY components takes the present worth minus the prior value and then divides that final result by the past price:

YoY Formula

Utilizing the same instance we could determine the YoY advancement by getting our 120,000 internet running profits and subtracting the past year’s NOI of 105,000, then dividing the consequence by 105,000. In this case that would be (120,000 – 105,000) / 105,000, which offers us the similar YoY growth of 14.3%.

The YoY components can also be utilized to calculate the greenback amount of development or the latest or earlier values. For illustration, if the regular hire in a distinct geographic location is at this time 1,100 and YoY development was reported as 10%, then last year the common rent was 1,100 / (1 + 10%), or 1,000.

How to Determine Yr above Calendar year (YoY) Progress

Let’s just take a closer search at how to estimate YoY development more than quite a few several years to discover tendencies. Suppose we have the next serious estate proforma:

How to Calculate Year over Year (YoY) Growth

The YoY growth calculation is demonstrated for the money circulation ahead of tax (CFBT) line merchandise at the base. From year 1 to yr 2 the YoY calculation is 5.9%, which implies that the dollars stream right before tax elevated by 5.9% yr in excess of 12 months.

From calendar year 2 to year 3 YoY progress is 3.%. In yr 4 YoY growth is 4.4% and in year 5 YoY development is 4.9%.

The calendar year above 12 months progress price could be calculated for any of the other line things as properly. This will demonstrate you how each individual line product is rising from year to 12 months which is valuable for recognizing traits. For case in point, by calculating the 12 months above yr growth for operating expenses and also for prospective gross earnings, you would quickly discover that a person is growing more rapidly than the other.


How to Estimate YoY Progress in Excel

Calculating 12 months in excess of calendar year advancement in Excel is simple. Suppose we have the historic income for a compact tenant and we want to calculate the YoY growth in Excel:

How to calculate year over year (YoY) growth in Excel

Once you have the values you want to use to estimate YoY growth, then all you require to do is apply one particular of the two YoY advancement formulas mentioned higher than. Be aware that we do skip the very first yr since there is no prior year to look at to in our information established.

YoY Growth Formula in Excel

YOY That means

What does YoY suggest? 12 months over Yr (YoY) tells you the percentage enhance or reduce from 1 calendar year to the future.  In basic, the better the year over yr advancement the much better, nevertheless, there could be other elements that are additional significant to think about.

For illustration, suppose you are analyzing the interim financial statements for a tenant and recognize declining year more than calendar year development. At the identical time you know that the tenant just gained a significant multi-yr contract with the IRS that will provide secure revenue about the future 10 a long time.

In this case there is yet another driver of financial general performance that could be far more vital for tenant credit history analysis than earnings or net income expansion from yr to calendar year. Reduce profits expansion in exchange for a additional sturdy cash flow stream might be more fascinating in a tenant.

Why YoY is Practical

The year more than calendar year calculation is handy due to the fact it offers you a immediate apples to apples comparison with the exact same time period from the prior year. This is particularly handy when a business has seasonality or cyclicality.

For occasion, suppose you are analyzing the historical working statements for a resort home and notice a significant decrease thirty day period about month from March to April final 12 months. This could at 1st be about, but when in comparison to March in the prior year, you could explore that revenue essentially enhanced yr in excess of 12 months.

Just one reason this could possibly come about is for the reason that there could be a large nearby function just about every yr in March this sort of as a golfing tournament. This function may possibly draw a crowd in March each year that boosts desire for hotel rooms. In this situation a every month comparison to April just after the event is more than would not make as significantly perception as a YoY examination.

With YoY assessment you can examine the effects from March in the latest calendar year to March in the prior 12 months to see how much profits is expanding or lowering in the similar interval of time the golfing event occurs each and every year. This YoY evaluation eliminates the monthly or quarterly volatility in your examination.

YoY Evaluation Execs and Cons

YoY Pros:

  • Uncomplicated to calculate
  • Provides you an apples to apples comparison with the exact same period of time of time in the prior year
  • Makes it less difficult to spot trends

YoY Disadvantages:

  • Doesn’t account for all pertinent aspects these types of as balance that arrives at the price of advancement


In this post we reviewed Year above Calendar year (YoY) investigation. YoY evaluation is employed to review the final results in one interval, these as a thirty day period, with the identical period of time in the past year. Year in excess of 12 months evaluation is valuable due to the fact it eliminates any cyclicality or seasonality that happens through the 12 months.